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Children and young people are fostered for a variety of reasons and no two situations are the same.

However, all children and young people coming into care need people who are committed to giving them a service that will bring about the best possible outcomes.

Foster Carers welcome children and young people into their home and family and will give a child every opportunity to fit in with the family whilst respecting the child’s own heritage and culture.

Fostering is regulated by legislation, guidelines and standards; at Channel Fostercare we support our Foster Carers to care for a child within these guidelines.

People who foster can register with a Local Authority or with an independent agency such as Channel Fostercare.

Fostering is a commitment to a child or young person which may be for different lengths of time. Placements vary and may be;

  • Emergency
  • Short term
  • Respite
  • Long term
  • Therapeutic

Whatever type of placement Channel Fostercare will work with you and the other professionals around the child to provide the best service possible to help you make a difference for the child.

Allowances are paid to Foster Carers to cover the cost of the care given to the child.